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Dashboard Indicator Light Guide

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At Bay Diagnostic, we understand that your vehicle’s dashboard is akin to its communication system. When those little lights illuminate, it’s your car trying to tell you something. While some symbols are straightforward, others can leave you scratching your head. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand some of the most common dashboard indicator lights.

  1. Check Engine Light: This little engine symbol is one of the most recognized and most ambiguous lights. It can indicate anything from a loose gas cap to a major engine malfunction. When you see this, it’s time to get a diagnostic check.
  2. Oil Pressure Warning: This light, often shaped like an old-fashioned oil can, warns when your vehicle’s oil pressure is too low. It’s crucial to address this quickly to avoid engine damage.
  3. Battery Alert: A symbol resembling a battery indicates potential issues with the car’s electrical system, possibly a dying battery, failing alternator, or a bad connection.
  4. Brake Warning Light: Displayed as an exclamation point inside a circle or parentheses, this warns of low brake fluid or an issue with the brake system. Ensure your brakes are inspected immediately.
  5. ABS Warning Light: This shows a problem with the Anti-lock Braking System. While your brakes will still function, they might not perform optimally during hard stops.
  6. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): An exclamation point inside what looks like a tire indicates that one or more of your tires may be under-inflated, which can affect driving performance and safety.
  7. Temperature Warning: Resembling a thermometer submerged in liquid, this warns that the engine’s temperature has exceeded the normal limits. Overheating can lead to severe engine damage.
  8. Traction Control Light: A car outline with squiggly tire tracks behind it indicates your vehicle’s traction control system is engaged, usually during slippery conditions.
  9. Airbag Warning: This shows potential problems with one or more of your airbags. While not immediately dangerous, you’ll want to get this checked soon for safety.
  10. Seatbelt Reminder: If you or a passenger hasn’t fastened your seatbelt, a symbol with a seated figure and a belt will light up. Safety first!
  11. Door Ajar: If one of your doors isn’t closed properly, a car with one or more doors ajar will be displayed. Check and make sure all doors are secure.

If any of these lights illuminate, it’s essential to take them seriously. While some may be minor issues, others can be indicative of a severe problem that can affect your vehicle’s safety and performance. At Bay Diagnostic, our team of experts is always here to help. Reach out to us, and we’ll ensure your vehicle remains in top condition, giving you peace of mind on the road.

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